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Sat 6 Oct 2018 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019

A SINGLES / MENS PAIRS / MENS FOURS (Note change to Fours Play Date)

  Club Championship Nominations are now open for A Singles / Mens Pairs / Mens Fours.

  • Complete the nomination form for the competition you are entering and place in the locked box in the Bowls Area.
  • Note;
    • Mens Fours … Rounds 1 & 2 to played on Sunday 9th December 2018
    • Nomination fee per competition is $10.00 payable on your first game of competition
    • Nominations close Saturday 27th October 2018
    • Competition draw Monday 5th November 2018

Allan J Perry, President , Men’s Bowling Division, 6 October 2018

Wed 18 July 2018 PLAYER INFORMATION (Update to “Bowlers Arms” policy)
  “Bowlers Arms” were introduced into the game to allow persons with a medical condition that would otherwise prevent them from playing the game, the opportunity to play or continue playing bowls. There are various types of bowlers arms approved for use in Australia.

The policy was updated in June 2018. Please note one of the change below;

5.1.8 Whenever a player commences using a bowlers arm in a game, the player
must use it for the remainder of that game. This does not apply to the rolling of
the jack, which can be rolled either by hand or by a bowlers arm.

Click here to read the full memorandum.

All players should ensure that they are familiar with this document.

Allan J Perry, President , Men’s Bowling Division, 17 July 2018

  The World Bowls (WB) Laws Committee (LC) has provided clarification in regard to Law 23.3 and what is permissible to estimate the number of shots to the final process of deciding the number of shots as described in law 23.1.

Examples of equipment or objects which, when used during an End, would not be deemed to be in breach of law 23.3 include cross-fingers and devices comprising concentric circles within a transparent frame which are held approximately waist high, and equipment or objects (such as a player’s foot) placed alongside or parallel to (but not directly between) the jack and the bowls.

Click here to read the full NOAG memorandum.

All players should ensure that they are familiar with this document.

Allan J Perry, President , Men’s Bowling Division, 26 June 2018

  For player information.

The MBD has revised the “Conditions of Play” in June 2018.  The new document includes a new “General” section as well as an Appendix B for “Thursday Men’s Pairs” and an Appendix C for the annual Carlton Classic event.  The acceptable uniform for Men’s competitions has also been updated.

A “Player’s Code of Behaviour” has been published.

All players should ensure that they are familiar with, and accept the contents, of these two documents.

Allan J Perry, President , Men’s Bowling Division, 17th June 2018

  For member and player information.

In the Laws of the Sport of Bowls book is a list of Bowls Australia (BA) Policies. As the governing body for bowls, Bowls Australia is empowered to make policies that apply to all levels of the sport; they are listed in the Laws of the Sport of Bowls as well as on their web site. You can access these policies by going to the BA website. (www.bowlsaustralia.com.au)

Bowls Queensland (BQ) also have policies on their website ( www.bowlsqld.org) If there is no BQ policy that covers the particular issue, then BA policies are to be used.

It is important that you are aware of them.

Listed below are some of the policies that are relevant to our every day games.

Bowls Australia Policies.*

  • Affiliation, eligibility to play and player clearance.
  • Appeals
  • Artificial Devices – wheelchairs / Bowlers Arms
  • Member Protection

Bowls Queensland Policies*

  • Attire By-Law
  • Blue Card
  • Confidentially
  • Extreme Weather
  • Sun Protection

As you can see from the lists above, there are a number of policies that we need to be aware of as well as the following:

  • Laws of the Sport of bowls – Crystal Mark 3rd Edition
  • Bowls Australia Domestic Regulations
  • Conditions of Play for each Game that we compete in.

*Most of the policies have been amended in 2017 and continue to be update at various times.

Allan J Perry, President ,Men’s Bowling Division, 5th May 2018

 Sat 7 Oct 2017 2018 Men’s Championship Nominations
  Men’s Championship Nominations for the 2018 are now open for those events that lead to District Champion of Champions.

Nominate now for your place in…

  • Men’s A Singles
  • Men’s Pairs
  • Men’s Fours

Nominations close Saturday 4th November 2017.

Competition drawn on Monday 13th November. 2017.

Allan Perry, President, 6th October 2017

Click here to open the “Conditions of Play” for these events. It is a condition of entry that players are familiar with, and accept, these “Conditions of Play”.

Tue 5 Sep 2017 Men’s Triples Competition
  Men’s bowling members have endorsed a change to the format of the Men’s triples competition.
Of the votes received 85% were in favour of 25 ends, 2 bowls.Please Note
The conditions of play – All Men’s Club Competition Games will be amended to reflect this change for future competitions
Fri 9 June 2017 Saturday Social – Dress Theme Calendar
  NOTE 1: Dress theme is always optional – but encouraged.

NOTE 2: Dress theme days may alter without notice – please refer to the posted calendar regularly.

Click here for full details.

Fri 31



Fri 4 Nov 2016 Saturday Social – Dress Theme Calendar
  NOTE 1: Dress theme is always optional – but encouraged.

NOTE 2: Dress theme days may alter without notice – please refer to the posted calendar regularly.

Click here for full details.

 Tue 22 Oct 2016 2017 Men’s competition Draw (“A” Singles, Pairs, Fours)
  The draw for the 2017 Men’s “A” Singles, Pairs and Fours has been completed.

Note: The Conditions of Play for all Men’s competitions has been revised and published.

Click here to go to the Men’s competition page for full details (CoP and Draws).

 Mon 4 July 2016 Bistro Update
  The club’s Bistro will be undergoing renovations from Saturday 2nd July until Tuesday 5th July. The Bistro will be reopening on Wednesday 6th July with catering provided in-house by the club’s new chef with a new menu. Lunch and dinner will be available from Wednesday to Saturday each week. A lunch service will be available on Sundays. Click here to go to the Bistro page for full details.
 Fri 01 Apr 2016 2016 Office Bearers
  Board Of Management;

  1. Chairman                             Gerry Lindsay Jnr
  2. Deputy-Chairman                 T B A
  3. Secretary                              Noel Dennis
  4. Treasurer                              Ken Strickland
  5. Greens & Grounds               Colm McVeigh
  6. Board Member                     Norm Brooks
  7. Board Member                     Mick Potts
  8. MBD Delegate                     John Broderick
  9. LBD Delegate                      Cheryl La Cerf

Men’s Bowling Division;

  1. President                             John Broderick
  2. Vice-President                     Allan Perry
  3. Secretary                             John Krogh
  4. Games Director                   Garry Fielding
  5. BDBA Delegate                   Geoff Schneider
  6. Fund-Raising Officer            David Lundberg
  7. Catering Officer                    Gordon Dennent

Ladies Bowling Division;

  1. President                              Chery La Cerf
  2. Vice-President                      Sylvia Nolan
  3. Secretary                              Noela Weis
  4. Games Coordinator              Val Morgan
  5. BDBA Delegate                    Sylvia Nolan
  6. Fund-Raising Officer            T B A
  7. Catering Officers                  Ros Jones & Jill Pluckrose
 Mon 29 Feb 2016 2016 Club Championships Nominations
  Nominations are now open in the following;

  1. “B” Singles
  2. Triples
  3. Mixed Pairs
  4. Vet Singles
  5. Vet Pairs
  6. Novice Singles

Nominations close on Sunday 17th April 2016 with the draw to take place on Monday 18th April 2016.

For more details, see the Notice Board at the club, contact Roly on 0403 990 783 or click on link.

 Sat 27 Feb 2016 Men’s Social Bowls Results & Bistro Announcement
  Men’s Social Bowls Results

  1. K. Brudenell (14)  d  R. Ellaway (13)
  2. R. Needham (25)  d  Rolly (12)

Bistro Announcement

The Caterers will not be doing lunches at all from next week.  They will only open the Bistro during the day for special occasions.  The Bistro will still open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday each week.

 Tue 23 Feb 2016 Bowls Photo Galleries
  Go and check out the “Bowls Photo Gallery” under “Lawn Bowls”.  The galleries include:

  • Saturday Social Bowls
  • Club Championship Winners
  • Bowls Super Challenge (Men’s Silver, Men’s Bronze, Ladies Bronze)
  • Premier 7’s Over 60
  • Alex Gow Cup
  • 100 Social Bowls Club

If anyone would like a higher resolution photo of themselves from a Photo Gallery on this site contact Graham Collingwood on colwoods@tpg.com.au

 Mon 22 Feb 2016 2016 Annual General Meeting
  Dear Member

Please click on the links below to open the documents:

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Ian Christie – Chairman
Noel Dennis – Secretary

Ferny Grove Bowls Sports & Community Club Inc

 Thu 18 Feb 2016 New Web Site Goes Live
  The Ferny Grove Bowls, Sports and Community Club web site is being revamped.  The target date for the changeover is Thursday 18th February.

The main changes include:

  • Rationalisation of the menus
  • A new looking Home page which includes a link to our Facebook site
  • New facilities with an aim of providing a one-stop-site for our members (Bowlers as well as Other Sports)
  • Event and competition specific photo galleries
  • Online access to Forms, newsletters and club publications

The club’s website address remains unchanged at http://www.thegrovesportsclub.com.au/

The sub-committee involved with this project is:

  • Keith Brown                     – 0408 499 413
  • Graham Collingwood       – 0401 134 404
  • Ken Strickland                 – 0408 100 654

Please contacted them if you require more information