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Function Room Features

The function room is available for hire 7 days per week.

Catering available.

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Our function room offers the following features;

  • A private and closed off area from the rest of the Clubhouse.
  • A fully stocked Function room bar, is licensed until late (12pm) and can include a wide range of beverages depending on your specific needs for your special event.
  • Our main function room possesses a dance floor which is perfect for your entertainment needs.
  • The room is fully air conditioned.
  • Our function room will seat up to 150 to 200 people with ease.
  • Easy access to all facilities.
  • Microphones are available, if needed.
  • An overhead projector which will allow a Power Point presentation to bring back those happy moments is also available.
  • Like the rest of our Club our Function room is non-smoking, but we have designated areas to cater for the smokers.


The Function Room possesses fully equipped internal bar which can be stocked depending on the particular requirements for your individual function. 

If you would like to have a bar tab (dry till) on your night, we are more than happy to organise your wish. 

The limitations on the bar tab are completely up to you, who utilises the tab, and what drinks are placed on the tab are also determined by yourself, however we will need this information before the start of your event. 

We will even let you know how your tab is going at various levels if requested throughout your event.


We believe our costs are quite reasonable and we advise you to check our ‘Terms and Conditions’ that can change from time to time. 

If you would like to make any kind of arrangements for payment, please do not hesitate to raise the matter with our staff.


If you wish to decorate the room prior to your event we will endeavour to make the facilities available to you as soon as possible, depending on vacancies of course. 

We would like to bring to your attention that if you choose to use glitter, confetti or other items that can be placed on the tables or thrown into the air these may incur an additional cleaning cost. 

Also please note, no nails, tacks, pins or sticky tape to be used on the walls. We can also accommodate you if you require the use of a whiteboard or lectern for seminars.


Due to licensing restrictions the Function Room is available every night (except Sundays and Public holidays) till 12pm.

The bar facilities however will cease serving drinks at 11:30pm whereby the room must be vacated by 12pm.


Most forms of entertainment are suitable e.g. juke Boxes, DJ’s and small bands; however those activities involving dangerous or adult entertainment must be approved of at the time of booking.


Should you require further information about your special event please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff who will give you all that is required to make your booking.