Ferny Grove Bowls, Sports & Community Club
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Ferny Grove Tabletop Gaming Club

Looking to play some board games, card games, D&D, etc., locally? I’m a high school teacher and run a group at my high school, and I can see how it benefits kids of all ages (adults included) who attend, giving them a space to hang out with similar-minded people, plus so many other benefits. So I have started a local Tabletop Gaming Club for kids and parents, teens and adults, to meet and play games at the Ferny Grove Bowls Sports Club and Community Centre.

Anyone is welcome. No RSVP required. Bring a friend, or come down and find one. Bring your own games, or play some that I will bring along (Scotland Yard, Chess, Uno, Battleship, Risk, Scrabble, Regular Cards (for 500, Canasta, Cheat, etc.), D&D 5th Edition, “old-school” D&D (2e), Exploding Kittens, Forbidden Island, Blokus, Flip-It, Guess Who, Connect 4, etc.). 

For more details, go to the Facebook group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/265616718496204/about

Steven Loxton