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Mon 4  Jan 2021 Important Notice – Men’s Game Coordinator

Happy New Year to everyone. I trust you had an enjoyable & safe festive season. Hopefully this year will be a little bit better than the last.

As we start a new year, we need to bring you up to date on things happening at Ferny Grove in the near future. A couple of inter-club competitions are locked in namely, GR8 & Alex Gow which both commence on February 6th 2021.

Saturday social games recommence on January 9th.

We are celebrating Australia Day on Tuesday 26th January with a very social game of self-selected bowls bring-a-friend day starting at 9.00am with a sausage sizzle to follow. Green fees & lunch will be $12. There is a sign on the Notice Board to place your teams or names to give us an idea of numbers for catering. Come along and enjoy & wear your Aussie clobber.

The club has secured another sausage sizzle appointment at Bunnings for Sunday 21st February and a sheet will go up on the Notice Board for those interested in helping.

The following is not til May but I’ll mention it anyway in case you’d like to put it in your diary.  Ex-Navy Day will be held on Sunday 9th May. This day has always proved to be a very convivial morning of bowls followed by lunch.

Hopefully this column will appear monthly to keep everyone up to date on happenings at your club. If anyone has anything they would like to contribute, feel free to contact me on 0403 990 783.

Roly Puncheon

Games Coordinator

Thu 11  Jun 2020 Important Notice – 2020 Men’s Club Competitions
  Hello Ferny Grove Bowlers in Club Championship teamsYou are most likely aware that we have started to open up the Club for Social games of Bowls with restricted numbers.  These games have been progressing well during Stage 2 of the Governments COVID-19 roadmap following the easing of some restrictions.

In line with the Qld Govt’s roadmap Stage 3: 10 July, the relaxation of conditions for non-contact indoor and outdoor Community sport is to be increased to 100 people.  If all things go according to that plan then we are fairly positive that we will have broader operations at the Club whilst still retaining safe distancing and hygiene protocols.

Consequently, the Men’s Bowling committee have met and are relatively assured that we can now release the details on revised ‘Round-End’ dates for Tiers 1 & 2 Club Championship draws for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.  The matches that have been played to date, and the outcomes, are all valid and the results still stand.

To enable the revised schedule to be completed in this calendar year, the committee has decided that a ‘temporary’ ruling be applied to the Club Championship draws and that is that games MUST be played on or before the ‘round end-date’:  no extensions.  All players will be subjected to the following rulings from our Conditions of Play with a small addendum noted in point 3.  The advertised ‘Round End-Date’ is the last day that games can be played in that specific draw.

  1. The Round End-Date, or Set-Down date, is the last date stipulated for each round whereby all games are to be completed in that round.  Failure to complete the games by that due date will be subject to the ‘Play, Substitute or Forfeit ruling (see dot-point 4).
  2. Subject to agreement between opposing teams, availability of rinks and consent of the Games Coordinator, games must be played on or before the date set down.
  3. In the event agreement is not reached by opponents, the competition will be played on a date and time as set by the Controlling Body whereby the set down date will be on or before the round-end date.  
  4. Play, Substitute or Forfeit:  games set down are to be played and a substitute provided if any one player is unavailable.  Skips are responsible for the availability of their team players and/or provision of a substitute.  The Committee reserves the right to forfeit player/s team or teams that fail to complete games by the due date.

 The agreed round-end dates for 2020 are:

Draw                      Round 1              Round 2                Round 3               Round 4                 Round 5

A Singles               completed             completed             9/8/20                   6/9/20                   27/9/20 (Final)

Men’s Pairs           completed             completed             23/8/20                11/10/20                22/11/20 (Final)

Men’s Fours          All rounds & Final completed.

B Singles               16/8/20                27/9/20                 1/11/20                  22/11/20 (Final)

Mixed Pairs           16/8/20                27/9/20                 1/11/20 (Final)

Triples                   16/8/20                27/9/20                 1/11/20                  22/11/20 (Final)

Vet Singles            16/8/20                27/9/20                 1/11/20 (Final))

Vet Pairs                16/8/20                27/9/20                 1/11/20 (Final)

Novice Sgles         16/8/20                27/9/20 (Final)

[NOTE: The revised dates above for each of the draws has been updated on the hard-copy sheets (clipboard) and the website will be updated accordingly].

The Bowls committee are confident that you will understand why these changes have been made and are willing and committed to playing your assigned games.  Please make sure you are fully aware of these changes.  We trust that you will play to your best ability and in the true spirit of the game.

Enjoy your Bowls – have fun!

Thank you

Garry Fielding

Games Coordinator

Wed 10  Jun 2020 Club Update
  Ferny Grove Bowls, Sport & Community Club Inc. trading as The Grove Sports Club is now Open for most Business from mid-day each day –  per Covid-19 restrictions which we ask you to please adhere to.Entry to the Clubhouse for everyone is via the door near the Volley Ball Courts and you are required to sign in.

Also Little Nyonya Kitchen is trading from the dining room inside the club as from this Thursday 11th June 2020 from 4.30 pm to 8.30pm.  Bookings can be made to 0403 185 081.

Enclosing an earlier Important Note below from our Chairman Gerry Lindsay –

Dear Members

Your Club Needs You 

We have all been impacted by COVID-19. Our work lives have been through significant disruption. Our sport and leisure has been radically changed. We have all been in lockdown with severe restrictions on who we can see, where we can go, and how we conduct our daily lives.

For the last few months our bowls and other sporting activities have had to stop and our Club House has been closed down. However, we are now beginning to resume activities: we have had bowls games, the bistro will be open soon, and the team are preparing the Club House to be open for business.

The closure has meant a significant loss in revenue for the Club. We acted early to reduce our outgoings. Despite having our team on Job Keeper payments, we have still had significant outgoings with power, greens maintenance, insurance, and other maintenance and expenses.

This is a time of great uncertainty. Potentially we face continued financial losses in the coming months as we struggle to establish the ‘new normal’, as our patronage slowly returns, and ongoing uncertainty relating to our income and expenses. We also face uncertainty for our staff as the significant losses impact on the culture of our club.

In the meantime, to continue to reduce the financial burden in these uncertain times, we are asking for you to step forward to help. Your Club needs you. We have need for volunteers in a range of areas: bar work and cleaning are the most pressing. If you can help, even for a couple of hours at a time, we have jobs big and small for you.

It is time now to pull together to help get our Club back into a strong position by reducing our financial risks and supporting the activities of the Club. I ask you to step forward to help in any way.

Please email me on gerry@lindsayelectrical.com.au call me on 0402 781 269 or see me at the Club to discuss how you can help.

We are planning for the return to normal business. In the coming weeks we look forward to welcoming you back to the Ferny Grove Sports and Community Club. In the meantime, look out for Facebook posts and emails coming soon to let know you how we are progressing.

Yours Sincerely,

Gerry Lindsay


Fri 5  Jun 2020 AGM Update
  In light of the relaxation of the COVID-19 restrictions, and in anticipation of Stage 3 being implemented on 11 July, the AGM will be held on Sunday 12 July at the Clubhouse.Under the Stage 3 of the relaxations, gatherings of 100 people are permitted.  In accordance with the Covid-19 restrictions, the meeting area must have 4 sqm available for every person.  The combined Bistro and Function areas is approximately 400 sq.m, which can accommodate the 100 people, notwithstanding the fact that we have not had more than 80 people attend the AGM in recent years.

All Covid-19 hygiene and social distancing restrictions will apply;

  • All chairs and tables will be wiped before the meeting;
  • Hand wash will be available;
  • Chairs will be spaced with 1.5m distances between;
  • Respiratory safeguards (masks) can be worn by anyone who desires.
  • Social distancing will be required at all times and patrons will be reminded if discussion groups are seen to be ignoring this requirement.

Please find attached herewith;

  • Notice for the 2020 AGM;
  • Call for nominations;
  • Nomination Form.
  • 2019 AGM Minutes

PLEASE NOTE – All previous nominations are now null and void.  Anyone wishing to nominate for any position(s) must submit a new nomination form.

On behalf of the Board of Management, please stay safe and follow all hygiene and social distancing protocols to ensure we comply with all Government regulations.

Yours Faithfully

Noel Dennis,


Sun 23  March 2020 Bowls Update
  Following the Federal Government’s directive that all licensed premises be closed, the Ferny Grove Bowls, Sports and Community Club Inc is now closed until further notice.

This includes all club activities, such as:

  • All bowls games and roll-ups;
  • All bar sales;
  • All bistro sales, including take-aways

Greens maintenance will continue as this will not involve group activity.

Sun 22  March 2020 Bowls Update
  The Men’s and Ladies’ Bowling Division Committees within the club have taken differing views on the current COVID-19 situation which means there is slightly different advice for our members.

Both Divisions understand the importance for people to feel connected and to enjoy activities that do not put themselves or others at heightened risk.  Members and guests are welcome to use the Club facilities, including the Bowls Greens, if they abide by the health and safety guidelines which are published throughout the club.

The “COVID-19 Bowls Protocols” (see below) must be followed for rollups and organised games.

Games controlled by Men’s Bowling Division

The following games will continue until further notice,

  • All called club championship games
  • Monday’s 100 Club
  • Wednesday Evening Social Bowls
  • Thursday Men’s Pairs
  • Saturday Social Bowls

Games controlled by Ladies Bowling Division

The key messages from the Ladies are,

  • All club championship games are suspended until further notice
  • Tuesday social games are suspended until further notice
  • Informal, self-organised social bowls may be played on Tuesday mornings. Green fees to be paid over the bar.
  • Ladies may play in the social events organised by the Men (Wednesday Evening and Saturdays)

Both Divisions will monitor the situation and will review regularly.

The Greens will continue to be prepared for organised games until further notice.

Fri 20th March 2020 Upcoming Events
  Bender in the Grass will go ahead as planned, with the COVID-19 conditions implemented. There will be NO Sunday session on Bender in the Grass in April.
Fri 20th March 2020 COVID-19 – Message from Club Manager (Tristan Furniss PH: 3851 1889) 
  The Club is still open for business as usual.  The Club continues to monitor and assess new developments pertaining to COVID-19. The health and safety of our community is our top priority. We are following government advice and as result have taken the following measures:

  • Every second gaming machine is not playable (to support social distancing).
  • All staff have completed a certificate on Infection Control Training – COVID19″
  • Increased soap around the venue
  • Signs around The Club regarding COVID-19
  • Increased spacing between tables
  • Disinfecting gaming machines, registration counters, toilets and door handles, surfaces and equipment continuously throughout the day
  • Thoroughly disinfecting all chairs, tables and bars

Please remember to stay home if you are feeling unwell, regularly wash your hands and abide by the social distancing rules

Thank you for your cooperation!

Fri 20th March 2020 COVID-19 – Bowls Protocol – Please Read
  We will issue specific protocols for our bowls events in the very near future. In the meantime, we expect that individuals will make their own assessments and in the short term, none of our events represent a sufficiently large ‘gathering’ to cause heightened levels of risk for members and others participating.

It is your choice if you wish to participate or not. If you are feeling unwell, please stay home!

Bowls Protocol

  1. Ensure your hands are washed and cleaned regularly in accordance with standard recommendations.
  2. Ensure your interaction with all others is in accordance with standard recommendations regarding proximity, physical contact, sickness etc..
  3. No hand shakes or high fives
  4. At all times use your own, clean bowls cloth when picking up the kitty and the mat
  5. Do not use your bowls cloth for any other purpose than for bowls – only use it for wiping your bowls and picking up the kitty and mat. Do not use it for any personal hygiene activities.
  6. Prior to the start of a game, agree with your own team and your opposing team that no players will pick up or touch any other players’ bowls with their hands.
  7. Use your feet to move bowls away from the head and always be careful and aware of others when doing this.
  8. If a bowl from another rink enters your rink, do not pick it up – simply use your feet to move the bowl back to the other rink.
  9. Each bowler should remove their own bowls from the ditch.
  10. During the game ensure that you do not put your hands near your mouth after handling your bowls.
  11. Wipe your bowls regularly with a clean cloth.
  12. Use your own spray or pen to mark bowls that have touched the kitty.
  13. Use your own equipment to measure during a game.
  14. At the end of the game put your own bowls in your bowls bag.
  15. At the end of the game pick up the matts and kitty with your bowls cloth and put this equipment away in the normal manner
  16. Wash your hands
  17. When you get home – wash your bowls and your bowls cloth – ready for the next game.